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25 Years' Experience

With 25 years of in-depth experience and a passion towards hydronic heating, Darryl has become an expert in hydronic heating (he is NOT a plumber). Most of his career he has worked as a contractor for large oil companies. While it was a good option when the decision was made, over time it became apparent that the best and most efficient choices for the homeowner weren’t always the goal of the major oil companies. You see, they make their money from selling “product” (oil) – not by conserving it. For this reason, among others, Candu had to be shifted away from a contract obligation and move forward with the goal of putting the customers' needs first: saving energy by using the best products made available today. Another bonus is that you can purchase your home heating oil at the lower price, as well. Contact our office to learn more and be sure to ask about our senior discounts and our $115 furnace cleaning special!!

Dealing with Higher Energy Costs

Candu is not your typical heating company. I have been envisioning the changes that needed to happen in this industry for a long time now. It has happened on some different levels, but mostly based on the fact that we have seen higher energy costs, which have finally driven consumer awareness about how much it will cost to operate a heating system vs. just how much it will cost to have it installed. Nope, I don’t have a crystal ball, nor the ability to predict the future. I do a lot of reading and thinking in this area. I have said for years that “we don’t need to re-invent the wheel." The Europeans have been dealing with higher energy costs for decades now, long before North America ever had to consider it. The ways to save energy cost are already in place! In fact, more often the controls are even better now, due to the addition of microchips and computers operating these systems as efficiently as possible.

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Comfort & Savings

Candu was established in 1992 by Darryl Struik. Since then it has been his goal to provide homeowners with the most cost-effective way to integrate efficient heating equipment into their home, saving operating costs and the environment at the same time, but without sacrificing comfort.

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